Do you have a Czech partner and would you like to be able to have a basic conversation with his/her family in the Czech Republic?

Would you like to handle basic situations like ordering a beer or lunch? Chitchatting to your family or friends who don’t speak English? Asking where stuff is? Cheering footballers with your father-in-law? Praising your mother-in-law’s cooking? 🙂

Would you like to be able to say more than: Promiňte, nemluvím česky?

Do you have 10 minutes to study every day?

You can join here:

We’ll start with the basics and focus on practical speaking. We’ll learn on Zoom in small friendly groups of 2 to 5 students so you’ll get to meet and study with other people who are in the same boat. 🙂

We’ll have 8 lessons and you can attend

on Wednesday at 12:00 or 18:00.

The course starts on 18th May and finishes on 6th July 2022.

The course is £140. Plus, you’ll have to get a book (about £30).

Are you in?

You’ll learn to:

  • Say something about yourself and your family and ask somebody else about it
  • Express where you live and where you come from
  • Ask where things are in a town and describe simply your own town
  • Ask for a phone number and use numbers
  • Say that you (dis)like something and ask others if they like stuff
  • Read and pronounce Czech

Do you need to know more?

Email me at or fill in the contact form below.